Top Down City Official

Servers Status Checker

Name Domain IP Port Game Connect
[0.3.DL]SA:MP *TOP DOWN CITY SERVER*tdcs.sytes.nettdcs.sytes.net7776GTA: San AndreasConnect
[Citizen-IV:MP]Top Down City Servertdcs.sytes.nettdcs.sytes.net30120GTA: IVConnect
[MTA:SA]Top Down City Official Server (Multi-Gamemode)tdcs.sytes.nettdcs.sytes.net22003GTA:SAConnect
[0.1]Top Down City LC-MP Servertdcs.sytes.nettdcs.sytes.net2301GTA: 3Connect
[0.4]Top Down City VC-MP Servertdcs.sytes.nettdcs.sytes.net5192GTA: Vice CityConnect
[0.3.7]SA:MP*TOP DOWN CITY SERVER*tdcs.sytes.nettdcs.sytes.net7777GTA: San AndreasConnect

Note:If your not able to connect any of the Server's, It might be because the Servers' may be down !

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